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Forever Living harvests its aloe vera plants in the purist form which is rivalled by no other company. Aloe vera products combined with your healthy lifestyle will provide you with optimum health and vitality and the ultimate sense of wellbeing. [Suzanna Ramsdale, Marie Claire, July 2016]

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Getting a happy Life Balance can be hard to achieve when life is so demanding. Work, families, staying healthy and fit. Create life balance with our Aloe Vera Drinking Gels.

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Aloe Vera has more healing properties than most of the herbs and plants on the planet! [Mike Adams, Health Ranger]

It is a disinfectant, antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial, germicidal, and anti fungal! [www.dailymail.co.uk]

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Aloe Vera is the basis of good skincare, fragrances, sun protection and relaxation products. Take a look at the great range dedicated to men too!

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Forever Living has great products for weight management. Aloe drinks and the cleanse products help to transform your diet and fitness habits. The clean 9 is a nutritionally balanced programme which will allow you to see real results in just 9 days

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Keeping fit in our busy lives is essential, aloe vera products can support your body's function and repair. [Dr J Axe (www.draxe.com)]

A range of vitamins, gel drinks, vitality boosts are available in the shop!

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Aloe Vera is kind and gentle for kids too! Forever Living children's products provide children with nutrients and skin care needed, including aloe based creams, vitamins and toothpaste!

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Aloe Vera is so kind to our animals and pets, Forever have developed some key products for our animals and pets too. The Aloe Vera equivalent to Aloe First is Aloe Veterinary Formula but there are many everyday products that are safe too!

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From beautiful cosmetics of mascara, lip colours, foundation, powder, to brushes and compact mirrors, you wont be disappointed with the Flawless by Sonya Aloe Vera range.

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Aloe Vera based essential oils including peppermint and lavendar and Aroma Spa Relaxation Bath Salts, Relaxation Shower Gel and Relaxation Massage Lotion will give you a sense of relaxation and improved well-being... enjoy!?

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The goodness of bee royal jelly, pollen, propolis and honey is world renowned and Forever's ethical farming practice makes these products the purist and highest quality.

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Sonya skincareis infused with the goodness of aloe and the latest of innovations that the nature and science can offer.

Welcome and Aloe!

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Aloe Vera & Bee Hive Range

Life Balance

life balance

Introducing vitamins and minerals though our range of supplements. Benefit from the most potent formulars andhigh ingredients designed to give you the ultimate of wellbeing.



Discover F.IT. - three powerful product packs designed to help you manage your weight and support your healthy lifestyle no matter your fitness level

Weight Management 

weight management forever living aloe vera 250

Forever's products are versatile and can be used if you're watching your calorie intake or trying to gain weight.

Beauty & Wellness

beauty wellness forever living

Forever’s luxury beauty and wellness range is a cut above the rest, containing only the finest of natural ingredients to leave your skin looking and feeling radiant.

Men's Wellbeing

men health beauty skincare collection forever living aloe vera 250

Men are more aware of their own beauty and fitness than ever before. The aloe-vera range works just as well for men too.

Kids' Life Balance

kids collection forever living aloe vera 250
Children can benefit from the benefits of Forever's nutritious aloe vera products from the gel drink to chewable vitamins.

Sonya Skincare

skincare by sonya

Five signature products which combine the importance of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturising to leave you with beautiful, healthy skin.

Flawless by Sonya

beauty flawless sonya forever living aloe vera 250

The cosmetics from Sonya is nourished with aloe vera give you luminated eyes, luscious lips and flawless skin.

Fleur de Jouvence

fleur de jouvence

This is definately an all round care package for your skin and contain pure aloe vera gel, special plant extracts, pH-balanced fruit acids with jojoba and apricot kernel oil plus fat soluable vitamins

Aroma Spa 

aromatherapy aroma spa collection

These indulgent Aromatherapy products can be used alone or in combination to relax in the baths, shower and druring massage.

Bee Hive Products

bee's royal jelly honey propolis pollen

Busy honey bees are a golden treasure of nature. Not only do they supply us with a sweet, amber elixir but they also give us an array of valuable compounds.

House & Home 

house & home

Keep your home clean and your clothes washed without harmful chemicals and detergents and with aloe vera. 

Animals & Pets

animal & pet animal care

Lavish your pets with the benefits of aloe and contribute to their contiuned health and wellbeing. Forever's pet friendly range cares for you pets and farm animals from the inside out.


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From bags to makeup brushes and glass measuring glasses, check out the great environmentally friendly additions to your aloe routines.

Money Back Guarantee

60 day money back

We are so confident that you will love Living aloe vera products, that we offer a complete 60 day money-back guarantee.



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